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All Petticoats feature:

-Adjustable waistband

-Alteration tucks for easy lengthening

-Hanging loops for convenient storage

-Breathable cottons that can be washed or dyed

-Available to be made in your own fabrics

18th c. Petticoat

18th c. Petticoat


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The 18th Century Petticoat is a full petticoat gathered onto a shaped yoke. This petticoat is designed to be worn with the Full Pannier or the Pocket Hoop Pannier. The 18th Century Petticoat has a 10” ruffle, and a 38” center front to hem length, and includes two tucks for altering the length.

Fabrics and colors: off-white, white, and black 100% cotton broadcloth.

  • Adjustable drawstring waistband

  • 153”-193”circumference of the body at the hem

  • 38” waist to hem length

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Available made in your own custom fabrics- send us your materials or have us shop them for you. 


18th c. Petticoat in custom fabric worn over a full pannier with custom chemise and flatlined c. 1770 Judith stays


18th c. Petticoat in black worn over a Full Pannier with a black Shift and flatlined c. 1770 Judith with tabs

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