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Bespoke Corsets and Costumes

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Bespoke Orders: 
Whether designing a show or shopping for yourself, Period Corsets has nearly endless options to personalize your garments. We can customize all of our garments to suit your designs including- size, length, style, and materials. Use your own fabrics or ones shopped by us. Contact us by email or phone with your custom requests (206)264-0997

Read on for our customization tiers to select the right match for your needs. Contact us directly to set up your first consultation.

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Bespoke $1500-$3500+
A completely custom shaped and styled corset or ensemble in the fabrics of your choice

This option includes an in-house or remote fitting, a design consultation, a mock-up for your 2nd fitting, and a final fitting for your completed ensemble. This service can be for our stock styles with custom changes or a completely new design based on designer sketches or reference photos. 

See our gallery of Bespoke Garments 

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Made to Measure $500-$1,500
Our styles redesigned in your choice of fabrics and custom options

Sometimes the perfect fit requires a step up from our in-stock alterable corsets. For this service we offer a fitting corset in any of our styles for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. Through the use of measurements, photos and/or a Skype virtual fitting we will customize based on your comfort and styling needs. (Read more about this service here

Once we have the perfect fit, you then select fabrics from our stock materials or send us your own fabrics that you provide.
Further customize by adding personalized details such as re-shaping design lines, adding vertical piping or trims or a front closure (metal busk, front lacing, or even a zipper). The possibilities are practically endless!

Provide your own fabrics to flatline. Our flatlining method is to construct using your beautiful fashion fabrics as the outer layer with our heavy duty coutil as an inner layer to maintain strength and shaping. 

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Standard $200-$600
Stock styles made to measure
Choose your fabrics and custom options

Our stock styles made to your size with custom additions are available immediately for purchase by selecting your options through our website listings. Select your custom options: straps, busks, interior lining, garters, stretch panels and fabrics. Send us your measurements and we will make to measure. All of our corset styles are alterable at the side seams to allow for easy alterations. Choose your fabrics and colors to personalize your corset from our range of stock coutils, satins, or brocades.   

Shop affordable customization options:
Straps $36
Center Front Busk $55
Garters $24
Stretch Panels $40
Interior Lining $45-$85

Budgeting Estimates:

Flatlining (using your own supplied fabrics): $219+
Custom fabrics shopped for you: $30 per hour
In-house fitting: $45 per hour
Skype fitting: $40 per hour
Mock-up: $150-$300+
Bespoke patterning: $60-$300+

Custom Costumes by Period Corsets

photo courtesy of Barter Theatre

photo courtesy of Barter Theatre

Period Corsets is more than just historical undergarments. We are a fully functional costume shop with over 20 years of experience and expertise. Let us do the hard work for you so you can focus on the details. 

Send us your design sketches, schematics and reference photos. Call or email to discuss your options and receive a quote.