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Skirt Supports

Skirt Support details:

-Supportive steel boning

-Adjustable waists with alterable side seams

-Durable cotton or cotton/poly blend twill fabric

-Range of period shapes to complement our petticoats & corsets

Full Pannier

Full Pannier


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The Full Pannier creates the formal silhouette worn throughout the 18th century, and measures between 34" and 36" across. It is made with 12mm steel boning, a hook and bar waist closure, and pocket openings on each side.

Fabrics: 100% white or black cotton twill.

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Available made in your own custom fabrics, contact us for details:


18th century silhouette: full pannier worn below our 18th c. Petticoat paired with the c. 1770 Judith stays and short sleeved chemise.

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