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Skirt Supports

Skirt Support details:

-Supportive steel boning

-Adjustable waists with alterable side seams

-Durable cotton or cotton/poly blend twill fabric

-Range of period shapes to complement our petticoats & corsets

Cone Farthingale

Cone Farthingale


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The Cone Farthingale, also known as a Spanish Farthingale, was worn in many European courts from the mid- to late-sixteenth century. It creates the conical shape of this period. This farthingale is shaped with gores and has four sprung steel hoops. The hem circumference is between 90" and 95".

Fabrics and colors: white or black cotton twill.

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Available made in your own custom fabrics as shown below in our Tudor ensemble, paired with c. 1560 Anna Stays and Romantic Chemise.

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