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Skirt Supports

Skirt Support details:

-Supportive steel boning

-Adjustable waists with alterable side seams

-Durable cotton or cotton/poly blend twill fabric

-Range of period shapes to complement our petticoats & corsets

19th c. Bustle

19th c. Bustle


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The Late 19th Century Bustle creates the prominent silhouette of the 1870's and 1880's with hoop steel boning and a cage-shaped structure. The Bustle, which adds about 10" to the hip measure, is designed to be worn with the Late 19th Century Petticoat.

Available in white or black 100% cotton twill.

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Available made in your own custom fabrics, contact us for details:

Below: custom Steampunk Bustle with added trims

Salon Stempunk Period Corsets bustle.jpg

The 19th c. Bustle creates volume below this bespoke look featuring our flatlined c. 1890 Theodora corset and matching skirts