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Corsets include:

-Steel boning

-Corded edges

-Back underlap placket

-Back laced grommet opening

-Front drawstring to shape neckline

-Side seam allowances for alterations

18th c. Marie Antoinette Stays

18th c. Marie Antoinette Stays

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These stays are rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" steel bones. The stays are cut to enhance and lift the bust, and shape the waist. The waist tabs, cut in one with the stays, curve over the hips. The over the shoulder straps adjust with a front tie and are basted in at the back. The straps are easily removable. Strapless stays are one of the signature looks of this period. Also available in flat front (no front lacing)

  • Fabrics and colors:
    natural, white, beige, or black 100% cotton coutil, brocades or flatlined to your own fabrics

  • Sizes: S-2XL or custom

  • Alterable side seams and straps for a customized fit

  • Front lacing

Marie Antoinette Style:
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18th c. Front Lacing Marie Antoinette, worn with pocket hoop pannier and 3/4 sleeve chemise

Period Corsets Marie Antoinette pocket hoop pannier

Front Lacing Marie Antoinette, flatlined to client’s fabrics

Period Corsets Marie Antoinette laced flatlined.JPG

Below: Front Lacing Marie Antoinette in black, dusty rose, and light blue brocade

Period Corsets Marie Antoinette blue brocade.JPG
Period Corsets Marie Antoinette stays dusty rose