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Corsets include:

-Steel boning

-Corded edges

-Back underlap placket

-Back laced grommet opening

-Front drawstring to shape neckline

-Side seam allowances for alterations

c. 1770 Judith Stays

c. 1770 Judith Stays

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The Judith achieves the conical shape required in this period using 1/2" steel bones and horizontal boning across the bust. There is little shaping under the bust, and the bust is pushed up to a higher position. This style has shoulder straps attached with adjustable front lacing. Also available with tabs.

  • Fabrics and Colors:
    natural, white, beige, or black 100% cotton coutil; brocades

  • Sizes: S-2XL or custom

  • Alterable side seams and straps for a customized fit

Judith Style:
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Below: Flatlined version of our c. 1770 Judith


Full 18th century ensemble: c. 1770 Judith stays, Short Sleeve Chemise, Full Pannier, and 18th Century Petticoat


18th century silhouette: Flatlined c. 1770 Judith, lace trimmed silk chemise, custom fabric full pannier, and bloomers.