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Corsets include:

-Steel boning

-Corded edges

-Back underlap placket

-Back laced grommet opening

-Front drawstring to shape neckline

-Side seam allowances for alterations

16th c. Elizabeth Stays

16th c. Elizabeth Stays

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Achieve the historical silhouette of the Elizabethan era with our Elizabeth Stays. These stays shape the bust and waist into the rigid silhouette required in this historical period by using steel bones throughout with front and back lacing. The extreme length of the center front elongates the torso while the tabs curve over the hips providing some comfort. Front and back openings can be laced symmetrically as pictured in the first photo or asymmetrically as per the period. The stays’ long center front and tabs are specifically designed to be worn with it’s companion garment, the Drum Farthingale, to keep it in place. 

  • Single layer styles:
    natural, white, beige, or black 100% cotton coutil; brocades

  • Sizes: S-2XL or custom

  • Alterable side seams for a customized fit

  • Front and back lacing

Elizabeth Style:
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Below: Our 16th c. Elizabeth Stays worn with the Drum Farthingale complete this silhouette fit for a Queen


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