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Q: When will my order be shipped?
A: Orders on in-stock items (most natural and white coutil corsets) are shipped within one week; other items are shipped in three to five weeks, depending on quantity ordered. We will work with you to meet your deadlines--specify your deadline in the notes section when you place your order, or email us (

Q: Where is the size chart, and what size should I order?
A: The Size Chart is on each product page, and gives guidelines for finding the best size in each type of garment. If you are still not sure, our customer service desk can assist in your decision (

Q: What is your exchange and return policy?
A: All stock items can be exchanged or returned; see our full policy in the Shopping Cart and on the downloadable Sizing/Information page under "Help".

Q: I live outside the US--how do I order?
A: Place your order online; our standard domestic 6% shipping will automatically be added to your order total. After you receive your order confirmation email we will contact you with a quote for the additional international shipping based on your location for your approval. You may request this information and delivery estimates ahead of time by emailing us at

Q: I would like to use my own shipping account--is this possible?
A: Yes, just include your FedEx, UPS, or DHL account information in the notes section when placing your order, or email it to us.

Q: Are Period Corsets(r) made in the USA?
A: Yes! All our products are developed and made in our Seattle, Washington workroom.

Q: I forgot my password--how can I retrieve it or reset it?
A: You may reset your password when you place your next order (on the shopping cart page); you may also email us and we'll reset it for you (passwords cannot be retrieved).

Q: How do I care for my Period Corsets garments?
A: Most of our garments, including all corset styles, may be hand-washed and line-dried. See the care-label inside your garment for more details.

Q: I would like extra laces--how do I get them?
A: Email us to order extra laces:

Q: How do I find out about sales and new products?
A: Sign up for our newsletter on the "About Us" page.

Q: How do I lace my corset?
A: You will need someone to help you. There are many ways to lace a corset--top down, bottom up, with two laces starting at the waist lacing up and down--depending on the style of the corset and your preference. Most important is to work systematically through the grommets, gently tightening and retightening as you go. Once the laces are through all the gromments, pull the Xs made by the lacing from your starting point to the tied ends one final time, being careful not to over-pull any one area--top, waist, or bottom. Tie the laces in a bow or a double bow, and tuck the lace ends behind the placket if you would like.

Q: How does a front busk opening work?
A: A busk is a center front bone including nobs on the right side, and loops on the left. To close your corset: start with the back laced up loosely. Begin at the waist, compressing the corset, and close the center hook. Work your way down the front, closing the hooks one at a time from the waist down. Work your way up the front in the same way. Likely the bottom hooks will have opened by the time you finish the top, and you'll need to hook them again (but often the top can't be hooked unless the bottom is hooked already.) Tighten the lacing to finish closing the corset. To remove the corset start at the top or bottom and unhook the busk.

Q: I don't see the style I'm interested in. Can you make other styles?
A: Yes, we can custom make any style. See our Salon Page for inspiration, and email us with your ideas.

Q: I love the items on the Salon--can I buy them?
A: Some of these are one-of-a-kind and may no longer be available. Visit our Etsy site to see what's available--and of course email us to order exactly what you have in mind.
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