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Affordable Basics

Streamlined corsets for every budget
Corsets include:

-Steel boning

-Corded edges

-Back laced grommet opening

-Front drawstring to shape neckline

-Side seam allowances for alterations

18th c. Judy Stays

18th c. Judy Stays

from 265.00

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The Judy is an affordable, versatile set of stays featuring all steel boning and back lacing. Appropriate for your 18th c. costumes, the Judy achieves the conical shape required for this era. There is little shaping under the bust, and the bust is pushed up to a higher position.

Available in a range of fabrics and sizes or custom made to your requests.

  • Fabrics and Colors:
    natural, white, beige, or black 100% cotton coutil; brocades

  • Sizes: S-4XL or custom

  • Alterable side seams

  • center front drawstring tie for further shaping around bust

Our newest line of Affordable Basics is designed for tight budgets or your large quantity orders. We’ve streamlined some of our most popular styles, constructed in the same high quality materials and skilled workmanship that Period Corsets is known for, but at a more budget friendly price.

Judy style:
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