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Book: Draping Period Costumes $35.00

Author, Sharon Sobel drapes over Period Corsets® garments in Draping Period Costumes. This book provides you with the skill set you need to break away from two-dimensional patterns to drape three dimensional costumes. The basics of draping are explained in precise detail, followed by step-by-step draping projects from multiple historical periods using Period Corsets® shapes (corsets, petticoats & skirt supports). Photographs illustrate every seam, pleat, and tuck, you’ll never be lost with this comprehensive guide.

-Includes information on measurements, necessary tools, appropriate fabrics and basic rules of draping. Corseting eras covered start with the Elizabethan, c. 1560 Anna corset and Farthingale period through to the Victorian, c. 1880 Alice corset and Bustle period.

Let expert draper Sharon Sobel teach you all you need to know to perfectly drape any period costume. Let Period Corsets® undergarments give you a jump on your build so you can go directly to draping your outerwear.
It’s a perfect pairing!

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 April, 2013.
Book: Draping Period Costumes
Book: Draping Period Costumes
Book: Draping Period Costumes
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