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  • Durable cotton or cotton/poly blend twill fabric.
  • Adjustable waists with alterable side seams, hooks and multiple bars, or waist tie.
  • Supportive steel boning in farthingale, panniers, and bustle.
  • A range of period shapes designed to be worn with our petticoats and corsets.

Visit The Salon to view ensembles of our products; send us your fabric for a customized look.

All items made in Seattle, WA, USA.
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 17th c. Bum Roll  17th c. Bum Roll

This pad bolsters the hips creating a 17th century silhouette.

 $56.00  $44.80 
 Cone Farthingale  Cone Farthingale

The Cone Farthingale, also known as a Spanish Farthingale, is designed for sixteenth century style court dress.

 $430.00  $344.00 
 Pocket Hoop Pannier  Pocket Hoop Pannier

The Pocket Hoop Pannier creates the silhouette popular in the second half of the 18th century.

 $368.00  $294.40 
 Full Pannier  Full Pannier

The Full Pannier creates the formal silhouette worn throughout the 18th century.

 $434.00  $347.20 
 Mid-19th Century Hoop  Mid-19th Century Hoop

The Mid-19th Century Hoop is made with four sprung steel hoops.

 $461.00  $368.80 
 19th Century Bustle  19th Century Bustle

The Late 19th Century Bustle creates the prominent silhouette of the 1870's and 1880's.

 $394.00  $315.20 
 19th Century Bustle Pad  19th Century Bustle Pad

This pad creates the small bustle shape of the late 19th century.

 $40.00  $32.00 
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