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  • Two 1" deep tucks for easy lengthening.
  • Adjustable waists with a drawstring portion back waistband or hooks and multiple bars.
  • Hanging loops for convenient storage.
  • Fabrics available in a range of colors chosen to coordinate with our corsets--see listings under each item.

Visit The Salon to view ensembles of our products; send us your fabric for a customized look.

All items made in Seattle, WA, USA.
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 Ballet Petticoat  Ballet Petticoat

The Ballet Petticoat is a short, extremely full at the hem dance petticoat with 5 bias-cut circular gores gathered on to a yoke.

 Five Ruffled Petticoat  Five Ruffled Petticoat
This is a full petticoat with five layers of ruffles.
 Tulip Petticoat  Tulip Petticoat
The Tulip Petticoat is made of five-gores with shaping over the hips and flaring at the hem.
 Peasant Petticoat  Peasant Petticoat

The Peasant Petticoat is a versatile full petticoat gathered onto a short yoke.

 17th Century Petticoat  17th Century Petticoat

The 17th Century Petticoat is a full petticoat gathered onto a small yoke.

 18th Century Petticoat  18th Century Petticoat

The 18th Century Petticoat is a full petticoat designed to be worn with a pannier.

 Three Ruffled Petticoat  Three Ruffled Petticoat

The Ruffled Petticoat is a full petticoat with three ruffles.

 Bustle Petticoat  Bustle Petticoat

The Bustle Petticoat is designed to be worn over the 19th Century Bustle.

 Late 19th C Petticoat  Late 19th C Petticoat

The Late 19th Century Petticoat is made of three gores with front darts for shaping over the hip.

 Mid 20th Century Petticoat  Mid 20th Century Petticoat

The Mid 20th Century Petticoat has three tiers and ends at the mid-knee.

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